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Multiple Gas Detectors
Approval for GMDSS & VDR APT
Welcome to Atlantic Mariners

Same Day Services
Same day services

Multiple Gas Detectors

Approval for GMDSS & VDR APT
Website under Contruction

Welcome to Atlantic Mariners


All regulations:

Passengers Ships (300-499) GRT.


-Duplicated VHF + DSC

-VHF DSC Watch receiver (Ch 70)


-Satellite EPIRBs 406 Mhz

-Reserve Power Sourse + Automatic Baterry Charge.

-SBM-Shore Base Maintenance Conctract.

- 2-way radio telephone. GMDSS portable vhf.

- 9 GHZ SART transponder.

-Radar X-band

-AIS. Universal automatic identification system.


All cargo ships (300-499 GRT)



-Dulicated VHF DSC.

-Duplicated watch receiver (Ch.70)


-Satellite EPIRB 406 Mhz.

-Reserve Power supply. + Automatic battery charger.

-SBM- Shore Base Maintenance contract.

- 2 Way radio phones (GMDSS portable with emergency battery)

-9 GHZ sart transponder.

- S & X-band radars

-AIS- Unversal identification system.


 Sea Areas

A1:   An area within range of a VHF Coast Radio Station with DSC  capability.




A2:  An area outside of Sea Areas A1, but within range of a MF Coast Radio station with DSC capability.


A3:  An area outside of sea area A1 & A2, but in the INMARSAT foot print from 76South Latitude.


A4:  An area outside of Sea Area A1,A2 & A3.(Polar Regions)


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