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Our staff is determined to add great value to your business. Anywhere
When you're off work, Atlantic Mariners' service and support isn't far away.

Based on our employees' positive, exciting and enthusiastic approach, we will give you An integral part of the total marine solution you are looking for – Achieve efficient operation And the largest ship utilization. Because I work in a complex and competitive environment. Make sure the platform and ship are ready for use.

Atlantic Mariners stay connected with you for the simple reason we are willing to share What we know. Relevant knowledge is accessible to anyone at any time from anywhere in our location. And for each and every one of our customers. You will be smarter when working with the Atlantic Mariners!

As the onboard technology becomes more complex, the crew is smaller and less specialized. Thanks to the Atlantic Mariners, you and your crew have access to the latest knowledge. Support and service. With our intelligent ICT solutions and reliable connectivity infrastructure Remote maintenance and remote monitoring. Atlantic Mariners Global Services keeps your ship sailing And your platform is up and running

Service on Demand

Our highly skilled team of service on demand technicians and engineers are experts in maritime electronics. They offer our top quality, on-the-spot service.

Service Agreements

Atlantic Mariners has a wide range of Maintenance and Service Agreements. These help our clients achieve higher efficiency levels and a reduction in costs.

Service Request

Use the service request form to specify your request and click the submit button, your request will be send to our ticketing system and you will be contacted by the office you’ve indicated.

Remote support

Atlantic Mariners remote service and maintenance solutions cover the whole ship, during the entire lifecycle. Increasingly, we manage to do this without setting foot on board


When you, as a Atlantic Mariners customer, consider that your product or the rendered service by Atlantic Mariners might apply for correction you can use this warranty request form